Fettuccelle Biologiche 500 g

This authentic pasta symbol of convivial moments, comes from organic agriculture. The Fettuccelle Vitaleta, made with the best organic Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat, are the undisputed protagonists of tasty recipes of the Italian gastronomic tradition.


Product typePasta

In Val d'Orcia, an Unesco Heritage, where hills make the landscape unique, you can find Podere Forte. 
From the fields of the famous Vitaleta Chapel, to the land of the Gladiatore, we grow and collect the ancient and vigorous Senatore Cappelli durum wheat.  From here comes the Pasta Vitaleta, organic, ambassador of Italian culture, genuine and rare. All this follows the innovative and traditional philosophy for which Podere Forte has always stood out: a reality where the earth is the mother of what we have today, but it is up to us to pass it on in the best conditions to future generations.