What is Podere Forte Emporio?
Podere Forte Emporio is the online shop of Podere Forte an organic and biodynamic agriultural enterprise. 
For more information about Podere Forte 
visit the dedicated web page.

What is "The Club Amici del Podere"?
"Amici del Podere" was born from the desire of the founder of Podere Forte, Pasquale Forte, to bring together all the Friends who love our products, biodynamics and good wines in a unique Club. 
The purpose is to create a network of passionate Friends, not only loyal customers, but also ideal companions on a journey to discover excellence; a Club of Friends who share experiences, ideas and knowledges.
To find out more visite the page dedicated to our Club and become a Friend of Podere Forte.

I registered my account as a simple user, how do I change my registration to a Club Member?
If you already registered your account as a simple user and wish to change it to Club Member, please contact our Customer Care at servizioclienti@podereforte.it which will be delighted to assist you with your request. 

Is my personal information stored safely on your database?

Yes. Your personal information are safe. For further information, please read our Pivacy Policy  

Do I have to sign up as a member to make a purchase? 

Yes. All our offers are exclusive member-only deals. You can decide if you wish to register your account as a Private User or as a Member of the exclusive Club Amici del Podere. The members of our Club are able to access the entire selection of our excellences, receive exclusive promotions and always be updated on news and events taking place at Podere Forte. 

How can I modify my personal user information (such as password, e-mail, etc.)?

You simply have to log into your account  to access your personal information, which you may change at your own discretion. If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us at servizioclienti@podereforte.it

I wish to contact Podere Forte to receive information, leave a feedback or to make a few suggestions. How can I do that? 
Your opinion really matters. Contact us at  servizioclienti@podereforte.it end we will get back to you shortly. 

Can I place an order if I am a minor? 
No, in compiance with the regulations regarding the purchase of wines and spirits, Podere Forte does not sell wine and spirits to people under 18 years of age. 

Since I am not usually at home during office hours can I have your wines and products delivered to my workplace? 
Yes of course, it is possible to choose a shipping address which may also be different from the billing address. 
Can I cancel my order? 
Once an order is complete and shipped, cancellations are no longer permitted. If you encountered any problems during your purchase, please contact us at servizioclienti@podereforte.it and explain what happened. We will do our utmost to back to yoy as soon as possible. 

I entered a wrong shipping address, what can I do?
After completing a purchase it will no longer be possible to change the delivery address. Please contact us immediately on +39 0577 888 5100 and notify the changes needed. Our Customer Service will immediately get in touch with the courier to inform about the new address. In the event that the order has already been processed, it will not be possible to make the requested change to the address. 

How do I go about returning a product?
Please read our return policy listed in our Sales Terms & Conditions or e-mail us at servizioclienti@podereforte.it

My order was damaged in the mail. How can I return it and request a refund?
If, for whatever reason, you’ve received damaged goods, please contact our customer care department immediately at servizioclienti@podereforte.it and explain what happened. Our customer care service will take care of your request and will reply as soon as possible.For more information read our Sales Terms & Conditions concerning our return policy.

What should I do if the products are not the same I have ordered?
For assistance contact immediately our Customer Care at servizioclienti@podereforte.it
Which methods of payment are accepted?
We accept all main credit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express and Poste Pay, PayPal and MyBank.
Is my personal payment information safe?
Rest assured that all your personal information are safe on Podere Forte. We ensure maximum security with all payment information. 

What is the CVV code on my credit card?
The CVV code is a 3-digit code that you find on the back of your credit card.

I have a coupon code how can I use it?
Coupons are gift cards or discount codes issued by our Customer Care Department in occasion of the purchase of a Gift Voucher. Each Coupon can not be combined with other offers, gift cards or other coupons. Your discount code must be entered in the summary page of you cart (where you will find the list of all the products selected for your purchase). You will find the words "discount code" enter your code in the field and the corresponding value of the coupon will be deducted from the total amount of your order. At this point you can proceed with your order confirming the shipping address and the method of payment. Remember that each coupon is valid for a single purchase and it is not possible to use more than one coupon for each purchase. 

When will I receive my purchase?

You will receive your purchase within approximately 4 working days from the date of order confirmation. Fore more information please read our Shipping Conditions  

Can Podere Forte ship internationally? 
We ship to all European Union countries, for shipments to non-EU countries please contact our Customer Care Department at  servizioclienti@podereforte.it to receive more information and the right quotation. 

Can I track my order?
Absolutely. You will receive a confirmation with the tracking number of your order. 

What shipping costs apply?
Free shipping on all purchases equal to or over 150 €.
Shipping fees are set at 12,00 € for Italy and 16,00 € for Europe.