Podere Forte

From the vision to its realization, a story of dreams and passion.

Podere Forte is an organic and biodynamic farmfarm located in Castiglione d’Orcia, a Tuscan village set in the superb setting of the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“This valley is Heaven. Is there anyone who does not dream of Heaven?»

Pasquale Forte asked himself, visiting the place for the first time in the nineties.

When he discovered Podere Petrucci, an abandoned century-old place with a rich history, his vision became clear: bring it back to life.

Today Podere Forte covers an area of 500 hectares in which the ancient idea of the Roman cortes has been recreated: a multifunctional farm where man, plants and animals contribute to creating an integrated, self-sufficient and sustainable macrocosm. A real hymn to biodiversity.

Thanks to the use of biodynamics as a privileged agricultural technique, Podere Forte aims to support nature in its seasonal processes, to make the soil more and more fertile and to preserve the well-being of men through a healthy diet. Hence the vital energy that flows from vineyards, olive groves, woods and farms and which becomes the authentic flavor in our products.

«We work the fields as 2000 years ago and we are 200 years ahead in the winery», Pasquale Forte says.

The winery is the real productive heart. Built on five floors, of which only two are entirely above the ground level, the structure allows the movement by gravity flow thanks to wells that connect the different levels.

The analysis laboratory is the scientific center of the company, it examines raw materials and processing materials, provides real time data and collaborates with leading research institutions.