"The Magnificent Three"

A unique experience, the most emblematic, to discover three wines which represent the maximum expression of our terroir: Petrucci Melo, Petrucci Anfiteatro and Guardiavigna. € 200 per person
To reserve your favorite experience please kindly contact us at 0577 8885100 or send an email to podereforte@podereforte.it, we will be glad to assist you from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 13:30 pm to 17:30 pm.
Each wine is the result of a path, the result of an accurate research that led us to bring out the value of the soils.

We give value to the true essence, the true marker of a wine, the place.

Petrucci Melo, The Ambitious: the Melo vineyard was born in 2003; it dominates the entire property from above. The vineyard enjoys a unique soil and microclimate and has been created with meticulous attention to every detail. 100% Sangiovese, Petrucci Melo 2016 ranks 6th among the best 100 wines in Italy. Podere Forte’s Orcia DOC is listed in the coveted guide “Luciano Ferraro and Luca Gardini’s Top 100 Wines and Winegrowers of Italy”. Gardini himself attributes 98+ pt to Petrucci Melo 2016.

Petrucci Anfiteatro, The Powerful: the Anfiteatro vineyard was born in 2008, selected with the utmost attention within the property for its unique pedological and microclimatic characteristics. Vinified as a single Cru in a 110 quintal French oak vat specifically designed for Anfiteatro.

Guardiavigna, The Great: One of the great wines of Podere Forte, always characterized by a blend of Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc, along its path finds maximum expression in a single vineyard: Vigna Orniello, with its esclusive soil perfect for the Cabernet Franc; 100% Cabernet Franc a wine with great depth and refined purity.

The tasting of the three wines is accompanied by fresh bread, Tuscan pecorino cheese, our own extra virgin olive oil, honey and cured meats.

Approximate Duration of the visit: 90-120 min 
(Private visit, offer valid for a minimum of 4 people)